Our History

In The Mix Youth Project was established in early 2011 under the title '10 Communities Youth' as a “friends of group” with the aim of bringing together wider community members and representatives of organisations across Wiveliscombe and area to look at the issues and concerns relating to the reduction and eventual closure of youth services provided by Somerset County Council, who were considering austerity budget cutting measures to young people's services. In The Mix Project was established by a dedicated group of local youth workers and community members, intent on saving youth services for young people in the area. 

The business was originally set up as a community interest company in December 2011 to provide universal youth work opportunities, working alongside young people and their communities. We are now moving to charity status as part of our organisation's development and have evolved a formal committee who work with the local youth work team to aid and support the transition and regeneration of youth services within the Wiveliscombe area community.

In The Mix Youth Project is based in Wiveliscombe, the main economic town of a group of local parishes known as the “10 parishes”, and currently have an committee of members who support our vision of establishing a community based youth and community service for young people and the local community. We believe in sustainable rural communities and locally provided services for the benefit of local young people.  Its mission is support the continuation and development of local youth work services and enhance them by equipping and supporting them to deliver effective and positive outcomes for young people using the resources, abilities and commitment already available locally.

Our Vision

In The Mix Youth Project wants to support young people living in the locality and the rural area in a range of social and community and educational and recreational activities, designed to encourage their future development. We seek to promote innovative methods for youth work and its associated delivery and for providing opportunities for young people to undertake youth work sessions and youth projects that provide opportunity for personal and social development, community contribution, youth development, leadership and team work, formal and informal accreditation and enhanced employment opportunities.

In The Mix Project promotes integrated community working and our community based in our approach to delivering services that benefit the local area. We aim to provide opportunities for young people in their communities as well as the local youth centre. We also aim to work as closely as possible with other local community organisations, businesses and services that work with or for young people. In The Mix Youth Project also creates opportunity for young people to engage in positive activity, including project and residential work such as outdoor recreational activity, sports and media/creative projects, as well as providing activity days and weekend experiences.

Our aim is to help young people learn and develop through informal educational activities, which combine enjoyment, challenge and learning. We base our services on core youth work principles and values, supporting young people to develop personally and socially, as well as expanding their skills and learning experiences, boosting self-esteem and confidence whilst promoting teamwork and citizernship. We are flexible in our approach, ensuring that the activities that we offer are relevant to young people we work with.

In The Mix Youth Project provide a quality service

In The Mix Youth Project aims to provide a quality youth service for young people, within our youth team we have several qualified and experienced youth workers who have extensive experience and skills in rural youth work delivery, supported by a team of expanding volunteers. We are equipped and resourced to develop creative and exciting programmes with young people and have delivered some quality provision over the past eight years. Our youth work staff, who previously worked in this area for Somerset County Council have profiled and researched the area, and are known by local community members and community groups as offering a good quality service. Examples of good practice can be made available where requested.

What difference do we make?

The impact of local authority budget cuts in Somerset and the Taunton Deane area has greatly affected rural communities, with rural youth services being one of the first causalities of the Somerset Council austerity measures. This has created a sitiuation where there is very little provision available for rural young people and due to their circumstances are not able to engage in mainstream provision that is available elsewhere. 

In The Mix Project are developing a sustainable rural youth service including a mobile village provision and targeted services that link young people to informal education activities, employment and career prospects and postive experiences and opportunities within the Taunton Deane area. This new service is responsive to the needs of young people within the communities in which they live, is complementary to local Schools and Colleges and achieves personal outcomes and outputs for individuals and groups.

Who do In The Mix Youth Project work with?

In The Mix Project, define “young people” we work with and on behalf of, as aged 11 years to 17 but this can be extended to encompass young adults up to the age of 25 in some circumstances. In The Mix Youth Project work with young people aged between 11 and 25, with a specific focus also on young people aged 14 to 19 and in areas where there is no existing youth provision. We also encourage volunteering and provide accredited training to those appropriate people who would like to support our services, work with young people and support the organisation.

For more information about us and our services, please contact us.