In the Mix Project delivered a programme, The Create Project, narrowing the gap in employment and education by involving young people aged 16-25 in local decision making within the community and local business. Groups were supporting in training to develop their soft skills, improve self-confidence and leadership skills.

We provided a range of workshops in community settings where young people learnt confidence and soft skills; awareness and personal reflection. These workshops gave individuals the opportunity to think about what they need to move forward and make the right decisions for the future.

Workshops included; Gaining Confidence, Interview techniques, Strengths & Weaknesses, Effective Communication, Managing your time, Leadership and Team building, Networking, and, What next… moving forward?

Young people developed soft skills such as communication, decision making, team work and the ability to work under pressure to get ahead in the competitive job market and enter the workplace. Young people were also supported with Job Search, Marketing yourself and CV writing, Volunteering opportunities and Active Citizenship.