The cafe provides a warm, open, welcoming environment space for the community to thrive, develop & build resilience, to socialise and mix with other members of our community. Individuals, families, local groups are welcome to attend our weekly open access sessions where participants can grow, learn, and engage in and be part of the community. We aim to strengthen positive relationships built in our local community.

This will help bring together generations, provide positive role models, share useful local information, tackle loneliness & isolation. We aim to link with other local providers to deliver events and interactive programmes and games such as ping-pong tournaments, board games & sports activities.

Groups and individuals are encouraged to be actively involved in planning, creating, organising, participating and supporting the programmes & events held. Participants will also be encouraged to support other members of the local community & build relationships at the café.

Our aim is to encourage better relationships between members of our community, the wider villages and young people, securing better intergenerational relationship & activity, inspiring better foundations for partnership work, social action schemes & inspiriting a common ground for all.

We are currently open on the last Friday of the month 9:00am-11:30am