Outreach and detached youth work is a style of youth work in which youth workers work with young people on their own ground e.g. on the streets, in shopping areas, on housing estates etc, or in village Halls running project work and social activities;

The project involves youth workers working with young people to improve their lives through informal education and activities;

  • Providing a positive and social environment where young people can access support and have the opportunity to engage with their peers socially and have positive relationships reducing social isolation.
  • Working with young people, the local community and other agencies.
  • Meeting on the streets, outside of shops, local parks and where young people are.
  • Working with young people to develop their personal and social skills, raising their self-esteem and confidence and local citizenship awareness.
  • Developing relationships and maintaining contact through programmes of activities, events and trips.
  • Providing generic youth activities as well as access to information on sex education, mental health, drug abuse and other issues facing young people.
  • Building positive community-cohesion and intergenerational activity.

Street and village work involves making and sustaining contact with young people building relationships and negotiating a relevant programme of youth work with the aim of engaging them in youth provision and other services that are available. The work is generally aimed at young people who, for various reasons, do not use other forms of youth provision available.

We have been successful in securing funding to provide mobile and street projects as described above, please contact for information on where and when we are operating.

We have just finished operating mobile youth work in Lydeard St. Lawrence, for which you can download the programme here for reference.