“The best services provide wide ranging activities and targeted projects, and involve young people fully in the design of services. This approach increases the opportunities for enjoyable activities, and develops personal qualities, self-esteem and useful skills. In particular, the best services are successful in involving some of the most vulnerable and hard-to-reach groups.”

Ofsted annual report, 2006-07

Young people who choose to use youth work provision and engage with youth work professionals do so for many reasons; to meet friends, to have fun, to spend time in a safe space, to take part in specific activities, to build relationships with adults, or to get help and advice. Youth work therefore offers young people a wide range of activities and opportunities. These activities and the relationships that underpin them, promote young people’s personal and social development in various ways. Young people:

  • increase their confidence and self-esteem while socialising with peers in a safe environment;
  • develop new skills and interests through taking part in activities;
  • develop planning, organisation and teamwork skills through active
  • participation and decision-making;
  • increase their knowledge and understanding of issues affecting their lives;
  • learn how to make use of services and information to make informed choices about their lives; and
  • gain access to non-formal learning opportunities which help them fulfil their potential.

We provided a range of workshops in community settings where young people learn confidence and soft skills; awareness and personal reflection. These workshops give individuals the opportunity to think about what they need to move forward and make the right decisions for the future and successfully transition to adulthood. We support and tackle topical issues and those prevalent to young people in Somerset including but not limited too; employment, personal aspiration, social mobility, self esteem, and health and wellbeing.

“Good preparation for adulthood is an important priority for children and young people as it will make us informed about our choices, confident in our abilities and happy and optimistic about our futures.”

Halcon Youth Group
September 2018

"I love coming to the youth club, I enjoyed being part of the Media Club"

Isaac Jones
September 2019

"It was a great session, I learnt a lot. Thanks for getting the point across about road safety."

Shapwick School Students - Roadcode Programme
December 2019

"We love coming to the Cafe at lunch time and playing games and having food, it's the best part of the week."

Cafe Random
May 2018

"I did learn some info about what it takes to organise something involving money. This was genuinely new to me. It has given me more confidence and understanding."

Money For Life Participant - Aaron

"It was fun and informative, thank you. An amazing experience."

Courtfields School Workshop

“Somerset is a great place for old people to settle down and retire, however finding good opportunities in the county for young people can be difficult.”

Somerset Young People’s Voice Group
February 2019

"I enjoyed performing with friends and in front of family, it was great singing and entertaining."

Megan Powell - Big Music Project
July 2018

"They created so many memories, the youth workers helped teach me team building, leadership, communication and relationship. I value their commitment and understanding, they provided a place to go and good people to talk to. They have always been helpful and humorous!!!"

Emma Grant - Previous Youth Group Member
March 2020

"I loved working with In The Mix and enjoyed meeting people and letting them know how good In The Mix is."

Dan Whiteside - Young Volunteer

"I learnt I have skills to offer and am able to do things by myself."

Taunton YMCA Participant - Youth Achievement Award Programme
Jan 2019

"Teach us skills to prepare us for life from day one.”

Somerset Young People’s Voice Group
February 2019

"Preparing for adulthood is an important priority for children in care to make us confident, resilient and prepared to leave care.”

Somerset In Care Council

"I learnt that coding is a valuable skill to have in life, something I never thought about before today and it’s much easier than it sounds!”

Young Person - Generation Code
June 2017

"It helps other people and makes me feel good about myself and making a difference."

Young Person