In The Mix Project provides a range of services including open access and centre based youth provision to mobile/outreach delivery, positive activities, and targeted educational programmes. We work with young adults to engage them in developmental and activity programmes that offer a range of social, economic, educational and recreational opportunities, designed to encourage social inclusion and life-long learning, helping to create both economic and social independence. Our delivery is participatory and will build confidence, life skills and self-value in individuals that is crucial to their personal development and integration as contributing members of society.

Other activities delivered through informal education opportunities include sessions relating to; healthy living, life balance, stress & mental health, rural & countryside skills, teamwork & leadership, education & employment, cooking and menu planning, finance & money matters, outdoor pursuits, personal well-being programmes, sexual health discussions, homework & school support, green & environmental activities, small group work, targeted 1-2-1 work, fitness & sport, and outdoor recreational activity.

Undertaking this core work has key benefits for young people and communities;

  • through increasing local harmony and community dynamics,
  • decreasing the risk of the migration of young people to larger towns, cities and other population centres,
  • up-skilling young people and preparing them for the workforce
  • building resilience and positive mental attitudes
  • reducing the risk of long-term impacts on other services like the police, social services, and the NHS.
  • Reducing the risk of crime and disorder and keeping young people safe,
  • improving young people’s perception and impact on communities,
  • offering advice, information and support.
For more information on current programmes and groups, check out Our Projects section.