The Core Network 2019 Logo

The Core Network is our participation and youth voice group. The programme puts young people at the forefront of what we do and ensures they not only have a voice but are fully participating in our services, helping to shape and design services that are relevant to young people but also excites and engages them. The core network is an exciting opportunity enabling young people aged 13-19 to get actively involved and have a say on what happens regarding their services and within their communities.

What is a Core Member?

  • committed and enthusiastic
  • interested in helping and volunteering
  • has a passion for changing attitudes
  • wants to make a difference and interested in social action
  • good with other people and a team player
  • encourages others to get involved
  • wants to gain new skills and undertake new experiences

What you’ll get to do;

  • engage with other peers
  • gain new skills
  • undertake volunteering and social action
  • represent other young people
  • help to shape services
  • deliver training and events
  • further develop the network
  • support the charity grow

What are the benefits of getting involved?

  • get to have your say and be listened too
  • help improve and shape services
  • make a difference to other young people
  • attend regular meetings and meet other young people
  • develop new skills
  • build your CV
  • have fun
  • access to trips, refreshments and merchandise

Members can earn “Core credits” for taking part, these can be transferred into activities and trips or other forms of entertainment decided by the group.

Get Involved!

Interested in getting involved? Complete our sign up form below if you are interested in joining The Core Network or contact Jem;